UBL Dedicated Equity Fund

An avenue for investing in Equities managed by professional fund managers.

UBL Dedicated Equity Fund

Why invest in UBL Dedicated Equity Fund?

  • Profit Payout every 6 months

  • Duration of Plan - 36 months

  • Competitive Regular returns

Investment Objective:

The Investment objective of the fund is to provide other ‘Fund of Fund’ schemes and avenues for investing in equities.

UBL Dedicated Equity Fund (UDEF) is ideal for investors who want:

  • To earn a stable return on your savings
  • To save money for emergencies.
  • Instant access to their money at all times.


UBL Fund Managers is dedicated to helping you meet your financial goals, even in challenging times. As a leading investment company in Pakistan, we have a strong focus on equity funds and aim to help you make informed investment decisions. We believe that through careful planning and disciplined investing, you can achieve your long-term financial goals.

Net Asset Value

Offer Price102.9296
Selling Price 102.9296
As on: 01-Mar-2024

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At UBL Fund Managers, we are proud to say that we offer some of the best equity mutual funds in Pakistan. Our commitment to providing top-quality equity mutual funds to our clients is what sets us apart from the competition. We understand that investing can be complicated, so if you’re new to investing in mutual funds, our team can help you at every step.

Our team of experts includes senior fund managers with extensive experience in the capital markets. As a result, we bring a unique set of skills to our organization that will help us develop innovative financial solutions according to your needs.

Reach out to our representatives to learn more about our equity mutual funds.

UBL Dedicated Equity Fund

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Fund Information
Rs.10000Minimum investment
Rs.10000Minimum subsequent investment
Investment charges 3% of Net Asset Value
Management fee (annual) 2% of Net Asset Value
Fund ratingN/A
Redemption (withdrawl) charges
NA 1st Year
NA 2nd Year
NA 3rd Year
Risk & Reward Potential


Risk of Prinicipal Erosion


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    Disclaimer: All investments in Mutual Funds are subject to market risks. The NAV based prices of units and any dividends/returns thereon are dependent on forces and factors affecting financial markets. Prices may go up and down based on market conditions. Past Performance is not necessarily an indicator of future results. Please read the Offering Document(s) of fund(s) and Supplementary Offering Document(s) of the plan(s) to understand investment policies and risks involved." UBL Funds may share commission out of management fee earned to the sales teams of the Company or its distributor(s) earned on his/her/their own investment(s)

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