Tax Savings

Reduce your taxes by investing in our voluntary pension schemes.

Tax Savings
Tax Savings


As per section 63 of the income tax ordinance (2001) of the Income Tax Ordinance investors can significantly reduce their taxes by investing in voluntary pension schemes.

By investing in our products you not only have the capacity to earn healthy returns on your investment but also save your taxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tax Credit?

Tax credit is tax saving that you can get on your income tax for the year if you invest in Pension Schemes. This facility can be availed by both salaried and self-employed individuals in accordance with the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001.

Investment in Pension Schemes:
The maximum tax benefit that an individual can get is up to 20% of his or her annual taxable income times his or her tax rate.

The amount of tax credit that you can get on an investment in Pension schemes is dependent on:
a) The amount of investment you make.
b) Your annual taxable income.

The amount of tax credit you are entitled to will be adjusted from your payable annual income tax thus giving you an overall tax saving.
For example, if you are a salaried individual and your annual taxable income for the year is Rs.4,000,000; your average tax rate will be 13.62%. If you invest, let’s say Rs. 800,000 in a Pension scheme, you will be entitled to a tax credit of Rs.109,000/-

Is there any condition on getting tax credit?

In case of Pension schemes, there is no holding period requirement as such. However, if you withdraw any amount from your investment held in a Pension scheme before minimum retirement age criteria as per VPS Rules, 2005, then a tax penalty will be charged, which will be equivalent to your average tax rate of last 3 years.

How much tax credit can I get?

The amount of tax credit you can get is dependent on your income tax rate and the amount you wish to invest. Use our Tax Savings Calculator to find out how much tax credit you can avail.

Can I avail the tax credit facility on investing in Pension schemes?

Yes, you can avail a tax credit on investing in Pension schemes.

How can I claim my tax credit amount?

For salaried individuals:
Inform your Human Resources (HR) or Finance Department about your investments and ask them to adjust your tax credit amount from the monthly income tax deductions made from your salary

For self-employed individuals or non-salaried individuals:
When filing your own personal income tax returns, you can adjust your tax payable and enclose a copy of your statement of investment along with your documents when you file your returns

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