UBL Mahana Munafa Plan

Now manage your household and meet your expenses in time

UBL Mahana Munafa Plan

Why invest in UBL Mahana Munafa Plan?

  • No fixed-term holding period requirement

  • Easy access to your money

  • Tax savings on income tax deduction

  • No charges on withdrawal

UBL Mahana Munafa Plan is a regular income plan that allows you to invest your savings and get the earnings on your investment as profit on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.

UBL Mahana Munafa Plan (UMMP) is ideal for investors who:

  • Want to get regular income.
  • Want to invests savings and get monthly profit.
  • Want to save taxes.

UBL Mahana Munafa Plan

Need more information about the fund? Here’s what you need to know.

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Fund Information
Rs.100000Minimum investment
Rs.100000Minimum subsequent investment
Investment charges 0.3 of Net Asset Value
Management fee (annual) 1% of Net Asset Value
Fund ratingN/A
Redemption (withdrawl) charges
1.00% 1st Year
0.75% 2nd Year
0.25% 3rd Year
Risk & Reward Potential


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