Al-Ameen Islamic Children Savings Plan

Designed for parents who wish to provide their children’s higher education and marriage

Al-Ameen Islamic Children Savings Plan

Why invest in Al-Ameen Islamic Children Savings Plan?

  • Regular Investments

  • No charges on withdrawal

  • Avail free Takaful coverage

  • Account opening for your child with Rs. 2,000

Al-Ameen Islamic Children Savings Plan (AICSP) is designed especially for parents when it comes to meeting their children’s future expenses – whether it is for higher education or marriage.

You can open an account for your child with a minimum amount of just Rs. 2,000 and continue to invest regular amounts until the time you will be requiring the money.

Al-Ameen Islamic Children Saving Plan (AICP) is ideal for investors who:

  • Want to save for their children’s future.
  • Want to invest regularly.
  • Want  to decide the duration of the plan based on the current age of your child and the time when you will be requiring the money.

Al-Ameen Islamic Children Savings Plan

Need more information about the fund? Here’s what you need to know.

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Fund Information
Rs.2000Minimum investment
Rs.2000Minimum subsequent investment
Investment charges Weighted average Front-end Load of underlying funds (AISF & ASSF) as per chosen allocation scheme of Net Asset Value
Management fee (annual) Weighted average Management Fee of the underlying Funds of Net Asset Value
Fund ratingN/A
Risk & Reward Potential


Risk of Prinicipal Erosion

Medium to High

Risk dependent on allocation

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