Non-UBL Customers

No matter which part of the world you are in, as an Non-Resident Pakistani you can now invest your savings in Pakistan with UBL Fund Managers.

Do you have a Bank Account in Pakistan?

Whether you have family back here in Pakistan, plan to move back yourself or would just like to take opportunity of the various investment opportunities that are available in Pakistan, we offer a complete range of investment solutions for Pakistani nationals who are settled abroad.

In order to open an investment account with us, all you need is your active bank account details in Pakistan. This bank account will be used for transfer of money, at the time of investment and withdrawal. Once your account has opened with us, you can manage it online. With our online service, you can switch your money from one scheme to another and submit withdrawal requests at your convenience from any part of the world.

Get started by by exploring the investment solutions we offer or email us at to get advice from our advisors.

Don’t have a Bank Account in Pakistan?

We have you covered as well! Head on over to our link , dedicated to people who wish to invest in UBL Funds but do not have a bank account in Pakistan.