Our Clients

Doctors, accountants, housewives, grandparents , salaried or self-employed – thousands of clients from different walks of life and professions from across Pakistan prefer to invest their savings with us.

Here is what our clients have to say about us

“I invested with UBL Fund Managers in 2008. I extremely happy with the service that I get from my investment advisors and also with the performance of the funds I am invested in. My advisor keeps me well informed about my investment performance, as well as providing me with new investment opportunities. I feel confident in recommending UBL Fund Managers to my children, my relatives, as well as my friends and business associates.”

Mr. Ahmed, University Professor

“I made my first investment in mutual funds with UBL Fund Managers in 2005. My advisor developed and implemented an investment strategy which has gradually evolved through the years and allowed me to be successful in achieving my goals.

My advisor’s approach has been consistent and prudent, as well as innovative and flexible. He has been meticulous in ensuring that I meet with him on a regular basis to review progress and implement changes in the plan as needed.”

Mr. Fareed, Banker