UBL Bank Customers

Open an E-Account, Invest via NetBanking and Phone Banking.

UBL Bank Customers
UBL Bank Customers

Open an e-account with UBL Fund Managers via UBL Netbanking

UBL Bank customers can now start investing in mutual funds with ease. Simply open an e-account with UBL Fund Managers and get started. www.ubldigital.com/

    Online Investment via UBL Netbanking

    If you have a UBL Bank Account and are subscribed to UBL Netbanking service, you can make subsequent investments in your account through UBL Netbanking.

    To invest online, login to your UBL Netbanking account and go to the ‘My Payments > Fund Investment’ section and select the fund of your choice. Finally enter the amount you wish to transfer from your bank account to the selected fund.

    Invest via Phone Banking

    Investing in your choice of UBL Fund’s products is just a phone call away. Call your UBL Phone Banker and let them know about your investment details including your choice of fund/plan and the amount you wish to invest.

    To make an investment


    Simply call and speak to a UBL Phone Banker.

    SMS ‘PB’ to 8258

    SMS PB to 8258 and let us call you back.

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