Fundamentals Investor Magazine

Focused on helping you make more informed investment decisions, Fundamentals is the first investments related publication in Pakistan published by an Asset Management Company that is available absolutely free of cost for anyone who wishes to become a wise investor.

January – June 2011

Inside this issue

  • Smart ideas for your money
  • Portfolio strategy 2011
  • Benefits of investing in mutual funds
  • Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®)
  • Tax savings through investments
  • Growth your wealth one ‘SIP’ at a time
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July – December 2010

Inside this issue

  • Enjoy financial freedom in your golden years
  • Investment planning for your child’s education
  • Portfolio strategy and recommendations (Jul-Dec 2010)
  • Weathering stock market volatility
  • Strategies to beat inflation
  • Understanding your risk profile
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January – June 2010

Inside this issue

  • Ten investment resolutions for 2010
  • Portfolio strategy 2010
  • Strategies for building wealth
  • Investing through different economic life cycles
  • The revival of international markets
  • Managing employee funds
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July – December 2009

Inside this issue

  • Portfolio strategy & recommendations (Jul-Dec 2009)
  • Most common investment mistakes
  • Islamic financial system and the global financial crises
  • Introducing separately managed accounts
  • Understanding financial markets is a challenging task
  • Investing through different stages of your life
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January – June 2009

Inside this issue

  • Save, invest and grow
  • Portfolio strategy 2009
  • Riding out the stock market
  • Saving taxes the legal way
  • The art of investing in turbulent times
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