UBL Retirement Savings Fund

UBL Retirement Savings Fund allows you to enjoy financial independent and care free life even after you stop working.

UBL Retirement Savings Fund

Why invest in UBL Retirement Savings Fund?

  • Flexible allocation schemes to match your needs

  • Avail attractive Tax benefits

  • Free Takaful Coverage

  • Start investing with Rs. 500

UBL Retirement Savings Fund is designed to offer you with an easy and affordable means of growing your retirement savings in Money Market, Debt, Equity and Commodity sub-funds, so you can achieve a financially independent and rewarding life after retirement.

Four fixed allocation plans, a life cycle plan and a customized allocation plan available according to your choice and risk appetite.

UBL Retirement Savings Fund (URSF) is ideal for investors who:

  • Want to save towards your retirement with as low as Rs. 500/- only.
  • Want to invest a lump sum amount or invest periodically.
  • Want to invest in different asset classes in order to have diversified portfolio.
  • Want to avail a tax credit on their investment.

UBL Retirement Savings Fund

Need more information about the fund? Here’s what you need to know.

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Fund Information
Rs.500Minimum investment
Rs.500Minimum subsequent investment
Investment charges 3% of Net Asset Value
Management fee (annual) 1.5% of Net Asset Value
Fund ratingN/A
Risk & Reward Potential


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Disclaimer: The investors are advised in their own interest to carefully read the contents of the Supplementary Offering Document (SOD) of UBL Income Payment Plan, in particular, the risk factors, and disclaimers mentioned in Clause 14 of the document before making any decision. Any cash withdrawal/redemption from the plan will be subject to tax deductions as per the tax law. It is recommended that investors/potential investors of AIIPP seek professional tax advice from an independent tax consultant regarding their own personal circumstances. The views expressed above and in the SOD, are solely based on our own interpretation of the tax law.

Fund Documents

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