UBL Stock Advantage Fund (USF)

(formerly United Stock Advantage Fund)

This scheme offers you an opportunity to maximize the growth potential of your savings over the long-term by investing your money in the stock market with the help of our investment professionals.

About the scheme


UBL Stock Advantage Fund (USF) is a mutual fund investment scheme that offers you an easy way of investing your money in the stock market by offering you the expertise of its investment professionals who have a thorough understanding of the markets, have access to research teams, and have the required experience and expertise to manage your investments on your behalf on a day-to-day basis. This way, you can enjoy the growth potential offered by the stock market without having to worry about stock selection, buy and sell decisions and coordination with brokers.

For your long-term goals

While investing in the stock market tends to offer an attractive growth potential for your savings, stock market returns are subject to volatility (increase and decrease in value) in the short-term. For this reason, you should consider investing in the stock market for your long-term investment goals (preferably 5 or more years). So if you have time on your hands, and won’t be requiring your money in the short-term, investing in USF can be an option you may want to consider to achieve your long-term goals.

While you can always invest a lump sum amount in USF, one of the recommended ways of investing in the stock market is to do so through ‘Systematic Investment Planning’ or SIP. Systematic Investment Planning allows you to invest small amounts of money on a regular basis as opposed to a one time lump sum investment. The benefits of investing regularly allows you to invest at different time intervals. Since it is the very nature of stock markets to move up and down, no one can predict precisely where the market will head next. By investing at regular intervals through SIP, you can adopt a disciplined investment strategy and effectively reduce timing risks. This means you are less likely to end up ‘buying high’ and ‘selling low’. To learn more about SIP Click Here.

For beating inflation

Inflation is considered to be the biggest enemy of your savings. As time passes, the value of your money can decrease with rising inflation. Because of the unparalleled growth potential that investing in the stock market offers over the long-term, such investments are considered as an effective means of beating inflation and retaining the value of your money over time.