UBL Liquidity Plus Fund (ULPF)

This scheme provides an ideal short-term avenue for your surplus or idle cash allowing you to earn a healthy return while having instant access to your money at all times.

About the scheme

There are times when you may have access to surplus cash that you would like to earn a return on while still being able to access your money when needed. You can achieve this by depositing your money in a current account, but you won’t be earning any return on it. If you decide to place this money in a short-term savings account, the return you are likely to earn is generally quite low.

UBL Liquidity Plus Fund (ULPF) is a mutual fund investment scheme that offers an ideal investment facility that allows you to earn an attractive and stable return on your money while providing you the flexibility of withdrawing your money any time you want.

For your surplus cash

You can use a ULPF account as a ‘parking place’ for money that you have access to for a limited period of time. For example, if you have sold an asset like a car or house, and have cash in hand that is not ready to be used yet, you can place this money in a ULPF account. For the time your money is placed in ULPF – whether it is for a day, a week or a couple of months, you can earn a daily return. And unlike a savings account, there is no fixed term holding period requirement – which mean you enjoy instant access to your money at all times.

For emergency planning

You can also use your ULPF account for unforeseen and unpredictable circumstances. To be able to meet financial obligations in times of such emergencies you should save money as cash or in any other form that provides easy and instant access to your money. When you place your money in ULPF, you can access your money the very next day with our ‘Same Day Redemption (Withdrawal) Facility’ – there are no fixed-term holding period requirements, and no charges on withdrawal.