UBL Equity Builder Plan

The idea of investing in the stock market seems risky to most even when the returns are tempting. Now with UBL Equity Builder Plan, easing into equities and beating inflation has become safe and convenient.

About the plan

UBL Equity Builder Plan initially invests all your money in the UBL Government Securities Fund. Then on a periodic basis, as specified by you; a certain portion of the money is transferred to the UBL Stock Advantage Fund

By investing periodically, you benefit from Rupee Cost Averaging, a time tested strategy in which stocks are purchased at varying prices thus lowering your average costs in totality.

Features & Benefits

  • Minimum investment: Rs. 150,000 only
  • Minimum subsequent investment: Rs. 500 only
  • Benefit from Rupee Cost Averaging and Systematic Transfer Plan
  • Easy access to your money
  • No charges on withdrawal