Al-Ameen Islamic Equity Builder Plan

Easing into equities and beating inflation has become safe and convenient

Al-Ameen Islamic Equity Builder Plan

Why invest in Al-Ameen Islamic Equity Builder Plan?

  • Easy access to your money

  • Benefit from Rupee Cost Averaging and Systematic Transfer Plan

  • Duration No charges on withdrawalof Plan - 36 months

  • CompetitMinimum investment: Rs. 150,000 onlyive Regular returns

Al Ameen Islamic Equity Builder Plan initially invests all your money in the Al Ameen Islamic Sovereign Fund. Then on a periodic basis, as specified by you; a certain portion of the money is transferred to the Al Ameen Shariah Stock Fund.

Al-Ameen Islamic Equity Builder Plan (AIEBP) is ideal for investors who:

  • Want to get benefit from Rupee Cost Averaging.
  • Want to lowering their average costs in totality.

Al-Ameen Islamic Equity Builder Plan

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Fund Information
Rs.150000Minimum investment
Rs.10000Minimum subsequent investment
Fund ratingN/A
Risk & Reward Potential


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