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Investment Plans
Investment Plans

Our Investment Plans

Often, investors set their financial goals but struggle to find the right investment products to help achieve them.  At UBL Fund Managers, we have created dedicated investment plans which aim to provide investors with ready made solutions for their ease.

Invest in one or more plans to ensure the achievement of all your financial objectives.

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Select the plan that best matches your requirement

Get regular income on your savings and meet your household expenses with ease.

  • Easy access to your money
  • No fixed-term holding period requirement
  • Tax savings on income tax deduction

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Secure your children’s future by saving for their higher education or marriage.

  • Save for your children’s future
  • Regular Investments
  • Avail free Takaful coverage

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Achieve long-term growth by investing in the plan.

  • Minimum investment: Rs. 20,000 only
  • Minimum subsequent investment: Rs. 2,000 only
  • Easy access to your money
  • No charges on withdrawal

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Build your equity portfolio with our systematic transfer facility.

  • Easy access to your money
  • Benefit from Rupee Cost Averaging and Systematic Transfer Plan
  • No charges on withdrawal

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Now meet your expenses in time and manage your households with Al-Ameen Islamic Mahana Munafa Plan.

  • Want to get regular income.
  • Want to invests savings and get monthly profit.
  • Want to save taxes.

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This plan is designed for parents who wish to provide their children’s higher education and marriage.

  • Want to save for their children’s future.
  • Want to invest regularly.
  • Want to decide the duration of the plan based on the current age of your child and the time when you will be requiring the money.

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Just start early, invest regularly and grow wealthy.

  • Want to grow their savings with Shariah compliant investment.
  • Want help to achieve their financial goals.

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Easing into equities and beating inflation has become safe and convenient.

  • Want to get benefit from Rupee Cost Averaging.
  • Want to lowering their average costs in totality.

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In order to perform this religious obligation it is essential for every Muslim to plan accordingly.

  • Want to perform Hajj or Umrah.
  • Want to get reasonable rate of Riba-free return.
  • Want capital accumulation through participation in Shariah-compliant fund scheme(s)

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