NOTICE OF FINAL DISTRIBUTION For Period Ended June 30, 2018

June 25, 2018

This is to inform you that Board of Directors of UBL Fund Managers Limited on July 2, 2018 will consider; if deemed fit, final distribution for the year / period ended June 30, 2018 in the following funds:

1. Al Ameen Islamic Aggressive Income Fund;
2. Al Ameen Islamic Asset Allocation Fund;
3. Al Ameen Islamic Cash Fund;
4. Al Ameen Islamic Dedicated Equity Fund;
5. Al Ameen Islamic Financial Planning Fund – II;
6. Al Ameen Islamic Financial Planning Fund – III;
7. Al Ameen Islamic Financial Planning Fund;
8. Al Ameen Islamic Sovereign Fund;
9. Al Ameen Shariah Stock Fund;
10. UBL Asset Allocation Fund;
11. UBL Capital Protected Fund – III;
12. UBL Dedicated Equity Fund;
13. UBL Financial Planning Fund;
14. UBL Financial Sector Fund;
15. UBL Government Securities Fund;
16. UBL Growth and Income Fund;
17. UBL Income Opportunity Fund;
18. UBL Liquidity Plus Fund;
19. UBL Money Market Fund; and
20. UBL Stock Advantage Fund.

Further to inform you that unit holders whose names appear in the Register of the aforesaid Fund as at the close of business on June 29, 2018 will be entitled to distribution, if any.

Unit Holders are requested to notify the change of address, if any, at any of our Investment Centers, Online portal or at our registered address before the close of business on June 29, 2018.