Notice for Change in Constitutive Documents

June 14, 2018

Unit Holders of below mentioned Funds under management of UBL Fund Managers Limited are hereby notified that there has been an amendment in the Constitutive Document with respect to definition of Business Day. The said amendment is made after obtaining necessary regulatory approvals.

  • Al-Ameen Shariah Stock Fund
  • Al-Ameen Islamic Dedicated Equity Fund
  • Al-Ameen Islamic Energy Fund
  • Al-Ameen Islamic Asset Allocation Fund
  • Al-Ameen Islamic Financial Planning Fund
  • Al-Ameen Islamic Financial Planning Fund-II
  • Al-Ameen Islamic Financial Planning Fund-III
  • UBL Stock Advantage Fund
  • UBL Dedicated Equity Fund
  • UBL Financial Sector Fund
  • UBL Liquidity Plus Fund
  • UBL Government Securities Fund
  • UBL Income Opportunity Fund
  • UBL Growth & Income Fund
  • UBL Capital Protected Fund-III
  • UBL Asset Allocation Fund
  • UBL Financial Planning Fund

The effective date for all the supplements is June 19, 2018. The amended constitutive documents reflecting the above changes are available on the company’s website

For details, please contact:

UBL Fund Managers Limited

4th Floor, STSM Building, Beaumont Road, Civil Line, Karachi | call 0800-00026