UBL Funds achieves the biggest Public Offering of any Active Allocation Plan in the industry!

June 21, 2017

With a record breaking investment of over Pkr.5.3 Billion in its Al-Ameen Islamic Active Allocation Plan-VIII

PAKISTAN, Karachi, 21 June 2017: UBL Fund Managers Limited (UBL Funds), pioneer for unique Fund-of-Funds products, celebrates the successful closing of its latest Islamic Active Allocation Plan – the Al-Ameen Islamic Active Allocation Plan-VIII (AIActAP-VIII), a Plan under Al-Ameen Islamic Financial Planning Fund – II (A Shariah Compliant Fund of Funds Scheme)

With a total initial investment of over Pkr.5.3 Billion, AIActAP-VIII is now the biggest Active Allocation Plan in the industry in Pakistan*.

The investment policy of Al-Ameen Islamic Active Allocation Plan Series is approved by Shariah Advisors Mufti Muhammad Hassaan Kaleem and Mufti Muhammad Najeeb Khan, where the Plans actively allocates investments between Islamic equity and Islamic income/money market mutual funds, based on the Investment Committee’s research-backed outlook on asset classes for a total duration of 2 years, with an aim to achieve potentially high returns. The first offering of the series, AIActAP-I, which has yielded an absolute return since inception of more than 43% as of 31st May 2017**, is nearing maturity.

Yasir Qadri, Chief Executive Officer, UBL Funds, said “The Al-Ameen Islamic Active Allocation Plan series has been well received by investors. The series has offered lucrative returns to our customers, while understanding their risk portfolios.” He further added “The launch of these Public Offerings is the illustration of the outstanding performance of our previous Al-Ameen Islamic Active Allocation Plans. UBL Fund Managers is offering a wide array of investment opportunities for its customers comprising of short term and long term plans. Also, being the first of its kind, we are proud that this initiative will reflect positively on the investors and the financial market in general.”

The Active Allocation Plan series invests in Al-Ameen Islamic Dedicated Equity Fund to take exposure to Equities, while investing in Al-Ameen Islamic Sovereign Fund (AISF) and/or Al-Ameen Islamic Cash Fund (AICF) to take exposure in the Income/Money Markets.

* Source: www.MUFAP.com.pk
**vs a Benchmark of 43.02%.

About UBL Fund Managers Limited:

Established in 2001 and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. UBL Funds has been offering its products and services to investors in Pakistan for over a decade and a half and since 2011 has presence in the Middle East as well. With AUMs of PKR 73.9 billion as of May 31st 2017, UBL Funds is one of the leading Asset Management Companies in Pakistan. It has also been given the High Management Quality Rating of AM2++ by JCR-VIS Credit Rating Company which connotes a high management quality rating assigned to an AMC in Pakistan.

Disclaimer: All investments in mutual funds & pension funds are subject to market risks. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Please read the Offering Document(s) to understand investment policies and risks involved. Withdrawal from pension funds before retirement shall have tax implications.

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