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AIRSF – landing page
AIRSF – landing page

Investment Objective

UBL Pakistan Enterprise Exchange Traded Fund (UBLP-ETF) aims to track the performance of the benchmark index in order to provide long- term capital appreciation and dividend yields to its investors. For further details:

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    All investments in mutual fund are subject to market risks. There are no fixed or guaranteed returns and there is not guarantee of principal protection. The investors are advised in their own interest to carefully read the contents of offering document in particular the Investment Policies mentioned in clause 2.2, Risk Factors mentioned in clause 2.8 and Warnings in clause 9, before making any investment decision. “Indicative NAV” (iNAV), is disseminated every 15 seconds throughout each trading day by PSX. The iNAV is based on the current market prices of the securities or other assets and/or cash required to be deposited for a Creation Unit. PSX computes iNAV as per the agreed mechanism using the underlying securities provided by the ETF Fund Manager and should not be viewed as a precise real-time update of current portfolio. In doing so, there is no representation or warranty as to similarity of iNAV with the day end NAV or real-time indicative NAV. At the time of rebalancing of the ETF, the underlying fund securities or their respective weights may differ from the constituents used for computation and dissemination of iNAV. This may further result in deviation of iNAV from the actual NAV of the ETF based on the volatility of underlying constituents. The iNAV for creation units may also differ based on the changes in the underlying constituents during rebalancing. PSX may discontinue iNAV dissemination during the rebalancing/re-composition of ETF under instruction of ETF fund manager within one hour of this notice. References for accolades:,,,,, Warnings/Risks 1. Investment of UBLP-ETF may be concentrated in securities of a single issuer or several issuer 2. There is no guarantee or assurance of exact or identical replication at any time of performance of benchmark index 3.There may be circumstances leading to tracking errors 4.Benchmark index composition may change and underlying securities may become delisted. 5.Lack of discretion to adapt to market changes due to inherent investment nature of UBLP-ETF. Moreover, falls in the benchmark index may result in corresponding fall in the value of ETF unit 6.PSX and UBL Funds are independent of each other.

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