Notice for Change in the Offering Document of Fund

October 3, 2014

Unit holders of Al Ameen Islamic Income Fund are hereby notified that the name of “Al-Ameen Islamic Income Fund” (AIIF), managed by UBL Fund Managers has been changed to “Al-Ameen Islamic Aggressive Income Fund” (AIAIF) with the consent of Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).

The Offering Document of the fund has been amended, with the consent of SECP, through “1st Supplemental to the Revised Offering Document of Al-Ameen Islamic Aggressive Income Fund” to reflect the name change. The changes will become effective on 03 January, 2015.

Any investors who do not wish to continue investing in this fund due to this change have the option to exit the fund without any back-end load.

The relevant offering document reflecting this change is available on the company website

For details, please contact:

UBL Fund Managers Limited – Operations Office

4th floor, STSM Building, Beaumont Road, Civil Lines, Karachi | call 0800-00026