Amendment in IPS (Investment Policy Statement) of Fund

September 16, 2014

Date: September 4, 2014 

Unit holders are requested to note that UBL Fund Managers Ltd. with the approval of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan has made the following amendment in the IPS of “UBL Money Market Fund” (UMMF) – formerly UBL Savings Income Fund, via the Second (2nd) Supplemental Offering Document. The change will become effective from 4th December 2014.


  • The term “Treasury Bills” has been replaced with the term “Government Securities” in Clause 2.2 Point #3 of the Offering Document.


The point reads as follows after incorporating the above change:


** at least 50% of the net assets of the Fund shall remain invested in government securities during the year based on quarterly average investment calculated on daily basis.

The Second (2nd) Supplemental Offering Document reflecting this change is available on the company

Any investors who do not wish to continue investing in this fund due to this change have the option to exit the fund without any back-end load.

Please call 0800-00026 if you have any queries regarding this name change.